The Data Revolution in Action
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The Data Revolution in Action

We sat down with Pranay Turlapati, a partner at Spectrum Capital Partners and one of the very first users of Native Finance’s smart technology. He explains how Native Finance Track improves his understanding of the market and makes his business more efficient.

“I came across the platform because I was looking for an IT solution to help brokers with the organisation of their clients’ requirements. I searched online and found a company that was exactly what I was looking for.”

“As a real estate broker, you want to provide the best solutions for your clients. Staying on top of market developments provides you with a vital competitive advantage,” Pranay explains.

Pranay uses the Track tool to simplify a complex marketplace. Since using Native Finance, the overall efficiency of his business has improved, leaving customers surprised with how quickly he can source intelligence on specific lenders, borrowers or locations.

“So many lenders have recently entered the market, which makes the market very distributed and spread out. It requires a level of consolidation - this is why Native Finance is so vital. It gives you a clear picture of how the market is changing while helping you to source business. It really improves your understanding of the market,” says Pranay.

Pranay discovered Native Finance before the platform had even launched and still believes that it is the only tool available that meets brokers’ need for smarter, simpler and more efficient market tracking. He recommends the platform to other brokers searching for a practical way of streamlining their business and adding value.

“It is cost effective and provides us and our clients with a smoother journey from start to finish.”

“There isn’t any other tool that does what it does.”

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