24th Sep 2021

Native Finance announces partnership with the Financial Intermediary & Broker Association

Native Finance the commercial real estate Proptech platform, announces its partnership with FIBA to provide brokers around the UK with access to its multi-award winning tech solution designed to streamline the lending experience. 

Native Finance uses the power of data to make the lending process more accessible for brokers and borrowers. Its smart tools provide brokers with a simpler way of sourcing the right lenders for their clients, tracking market trends and managing their deals. 

FIBA is the UK’s broadest financial intermediary and broker association and represents a vast network of Bridging Professionals, Residential Mortgage Brokers, Independent Finance advisers and Commercial Finance Brokers. 

With this partnership, more brokers will be able to use Native Finance’s smart technology to experience a new, faster way of financing real estate. 

Prasanna Kannan, co-founder at Native Finance, commented, “We’re delighted to be in a position to introduce FIBA members to our unique platform. Our mission is to reduce the time and resources that brokers spend sourcing lenders and  make it easy to manage deals from start to finish in one place. We look forward to working with FIBA to create a more efficient lending process which prioritises data transparency.”

This announcement comes after the recent launch of Native Finance Essentials, which introduced a number of extra features to help brokers track deal progress. For example, brokers can now use the personalised deal room to send data requests directly to their customers with automated notifications to help them stay on top of deals.

The partnership will support Native Finance’s continuing growth - with more than £1 billion in terms having already been offered on the platform. 

Adam Tyler, Executive Chairman at FIBA, commented “Once again we can see how impossible it is to ignore the way in which technology is looking to revolutionise the commercial finance lending sector and how this tech revolution will help their broking businesses. For many years I have reviewed and considered different platforms for commercial finance and Native Finance provides data capture of the highest order. This is a fantastic exclusive tool for our members and partners that I recommend all to appraise for their business. Not only will it give them a unique insight into who and what is being lent, but also provide a fantastic sourcing opportunity for our market.”

About Native Finance

Native Finance is the first real estate platform of its kind in Europe. We believe in the power of data to create a more accessible and transparent lending experience.

Our intelligent platform makes financing real estate simple. With connections to over 360 commercial real estate lenders and access to data on over 1.5 million loans, our smart tools help borrowers and brokers source the best lender for every deal, track market activity across the UK and manage their deal effectively from start to finish.

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